Mudgee has been growing grapes for over 160 years. A mixture of backgrounds both German and Italian. Powerful words come to mind. Pioneers. Establishment. Proven. Dynasty.

Some established winegrowing regions can be framed by a single variety. Others are a diverse collection of grapevine DNA and global winemaking ancestry harvested over successive generations. Mudgee sits happily in the latter. That quality places the region in a small but exceptional class.

Why is it so? The Mudgee Appellation was established 40 years ago. Our esteemed winemakers at the time rightly agreed that Mudgee had a pedigree that required protection. It is a defined boundary that takes in altitudes from 450m – 1100m with no uniformity in either soils or aspect. This provides a wholly unique winegrowing region unlike any other in Australia. And it provides local producers an ability to grow both cool and warm climate varietals and wine styles.

Avant-garde (both young and salt and pepper) winemakers have for the last 15 years in Mudgee initiated a renaissance. Replanting of new varieties and production of fresh wine styles and blends to be consumed younger have complimented the respected and tested benchmark Mudgee table and fortified wines still produced to this day.

Perhaps, an appropriate time to introduce our 2018 Bunnamagoo Tempranillo. Planted 5 years ago, this variety will become a signature in time. Suited to the climate. Typically Mudgee with medium body and mid-palate acidity. The tannins have been tamed. Almost pinot-like cherry fruit and subtle integrated French and American oak. Equivalent to crianza Rioja. Can be served slightly chilled.


by Winemaker Rob Black